Lightning F-150 Whipple 2.3L Supercharger 550HP Upgrade Package

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1999-2004 Lightning SVT F-150 & Harley Davidson F-150 Performance Whipple 2.3L Supercharger 550 HP Upgrade Power Package

Ditch your stock Lightning Eaton, and give your F-150 Lightning/Harley some newfound power with our JDM Engineering Whipple 2.3L Ford Lightning Supercharger Power Package!  We here at JDM pride ourselves in providing safe, reliable, and consistent power and we consider this upgrade to be a perfect meld of the best in supercharger performance.  With this package expect a gain of 170+ HP from stock up to 550 HP at the flywheel.  Expect monstrous torque off of the hit, and instant power at all RPM's! To safely support this much power, our kit also includes 60 lb/hr Fuel Injectors, Walboro 255 Fuel Pumps, and a BA2600 Mass Air Flow sensor.  This kit is right at home with your stock lightning, but this supercharger kit shines with forged internals allowing for this 2.3 Liter Whipple to scream past the competition.  This blower sitting atop of the engine in Uncle Franks "Silver Assassin" has been mid 9's in the quarter mile above 140 miles per hour — off of a foot brake with no 2 step — and this mighty little 2.3 head unit has made upwards of 800 horsepower at the tire with a JDM Built longblock!  On the street, this supercharger is king with instant torque off the hit leading the charge from stoplight to stoplight.  Custom tuning is required for this kit to be installed safely but you can trust JDM Engineering with all your tuning needs. Please select if you would like a custom tune from James D'Amore for your vehicle in the drop down menu and if you already have an existing SCT device and download the tune sheet below.

Below are some videos of 2.3 Whipple JDM Powered trucks of Uncle Frank's flying down the drag strip!







Please send your completed tune sheet at your earliest convenience to:  so we can commence your order. If you need any help filling out your tune sheet please feel free to email: or call 732-780-0770

Estimated delivery time 6-8 weeks.



Capable of 550+HP at the flywheel with stock internals
Capable of 800+ HP at the Tire with forged internals
Cooler air charge temperatures than stock Eaton supercharger
Higher level of efficiency over stock Eaton supercharger
Direct bolt on and replacement
Whipple 2.3L Twin Screw Supercharger kit
BA2600 Mass air flow meter
Ford Racing 60 lb/hr fuel injectors
Walboro 255 l/hr fuel pumps
1999-2004 Ford Lightning SVT F-150
2002-2003 Ford Harley Davidson SVT F-150