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This Week at JDM Engineering 9/22/17

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This week at JDM has primarily revolved around Anthony and his 3V GT/CS with a little time for some other projects we have here as well. We installed a Full exhaust system on Anthony's CS including Kooks longtube headers, Green catted H-pipe and a Magnaflow catback. We also installed a set of Mutha Thumpr Cams with new timing components, a Ford Racing throttle body, Ford Racing intake manifold, RAM Clutch and our custom tune. Now she looks, sounds and runs better than ever! 

Next up we had Mike's 17' GT350 in for a set of Kooks longtube headers and a matching Green catted H-pipe. We also installed a new set of BMR motor mounts to give us clearance for the 2.9L Whipple Supercharger we will be putting on next week!! Stay Tuned! 

As you can see Kooks exhaust components are all stainless steel and top notch quality! Too bad you cant look at those nice shiny pipes more often! 

Last up was our friend Joe who brought his 2016 GT back for some more upgrades. We previously installed a full GT350 Intake manifold package on his Stang as well as our custom tune a little while back. Now he is in for a 3.91 rear gear upgrade to make that off the line acceleration really throw you in your seat. 

Unfortunately swapping gears in the S550 is no quick task. Most of the rear end has to be dropped and removed including a lot of the suspension and the brakes just so we can get the differential housing removed to swap out the ring and pinion. 

This Week at JDM Engineering 9/8/17

This week at JDM was a short one due to Labor Day but we still managed to get some customers taken care of!We started off the week with Brandon's 2013 Mustang GT. He brought it in to have a Steeda cold air intake installed, sound tube delete, and our custom tune. Now she drives better [...]

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This Week at JDM Engineering 9/1/17

We started off this week wrapping up Rogers 2011 GT500 build. After installing our Super Stock Cams, 3.4L Whipple, Longtube headers and a bunch of other goodies listed in last weeks blog she put down 781 RWHP on 93 octane. That's over 900 HP at the crank!!Next up we got our hands on a sweet [...]

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This Week at JDM Engineering 8/25/17

This week at JDM Engineering has been very hectic to get ready for the Indy races! We still have found some time to get some of our street car customers taken care of though. We started off by wrapping up Roger's 2011 GT500 build. We got his drivetrain back into the car, running and ready [...]

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Now through Labor Day JDM will be running a special on all Whipple and Roush Supercharger kits. Every kit will be 7% off! Give us a call to receive the discount and don't miss the opportunity to get the best price on that supercharger kit that you have been eyeing up for so long!

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JDM's Tip Of The Week

When running leaded fuel, for example C16, you should always be mindful of frequently changing your spark plugs. Leaded fuel can foul out your spark plugs very quickly and cause hesitation and "break up"If the vehicle is also stored for a period of time after running C16 fuel, the spark plugs can seize in the [...]

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This Week at JDM Engineering 8/18/17

This week at JDM has pretty much revolved around our friend Roger! He brought his 2011 GT500 from Maryland that was previously fitted with a bunch of bolts ons in to have a complete make over. We started by dropping the subframe down from the chassis so we could get right to work on his [...]

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This Week at JDM Engineering 8/11/17

We have been all over the place at JDM this week and have some good results to show for it!We wrapped up Scott's 2014 GT500 Super stock cam build with some impressive numbers on the dyno. Stock supercharger, stock motor and heads, with the exception of our cams, heavy duty secondary chains and ARP guide [...]

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This Week at JDM Engineering 8/04/17

This week at JDM Engineering has had some big projects!We are currently working on Scott's 2014 GT500 who is getting a set of wicked Super Stock Cams and upgraded billet oil pump gears along with ARP guide pins and heavy duty secondary timing chains.. Its a big job to do, but we take our time [...]

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This Week at JDM Engineering 7/28/17

We have been awfully busy at JDM this week! Started off the week with a visit from our friends over at Korek Designs and their custom built International pick up truck with a 5.0 coyote swap. Korek Designs purchased a Coyote engine with Boss intake manifold and computer with complete wiring harness from us and built the [...]

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