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This Week at JDM Engineering 12/1/17

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This week at JDM wrapped up a build we had going on for a few months. Our friend Ryan dropped off his 03 Cobra for a complete makeover. We installed a new engine, ported eaton, ceramic coated Kooks Longtube Headers, Magnaflow catback, custom dyno tune and many other parts to get this Terminator right where it needs to be. She made 510RWHP on a conservative low boost 93 octane tune and came together really beautifully.

Next up was Brian and his Shelby GT S197. We replaced both of his front lower control arms, front strut mount bushings and a custom JDM tune. No more creeks or clunks and a lot more power!

Our friend Aris also came back with his Shelby GT350 to have new brakes and diff fluid installed. We recently installed the JLT cold air intake, custom tune and roll cage in his GT350 last month. He took it to a few race events at NJMP and went right through the stock brakes! We installed some new aftermarket rotors and pads and did a differential fluid flush. 

Next up returning customer Arty brought his Gen 2 Lightning in to have his brakes modified so he could install a set of Bogart racing wheels and tires. It is no simple task to make these bad boys fit but we get the job done and they are well worth it! 

We also installed a new set of HT0 Spark plugs and new OEM coil packs in John's Edlebrock charged 3V but the guys were so quick I didn't even get to snap a picture! 

John was experinceing throttle break up at mid range rpms under certain throttle. It seemed that his coils were on their way out and we also noticed a crack in one of the spark plugs. She came in running rough and left here running smooth in under an hour! 

This Week at JDM Engineering 11/17/17

We started off the week by wrapping up our friend Vinny's super clean and custom Lightning. We installed a new AC Compressor and pulley, powder-coated alternator, tensioner arm, idler pulleys, belt and a dyno tune. His truck made 620RWHP and looks damn good while doing it! Next up we installed a set of Kooks Longtube headers and [...]

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This Week at JDM Engineering 11/10/17

We started off the week finishing up Dmitri's 2018 Raptor. We installed the bumpers, lights and chase rack the previous week and now it was time to get them all hooked up and running. After a little confusion (Ford doesn't label the wires properly) and a blown fuse from the start, we fixed the issues [...]

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This Week at JDM Engineering 11/3/17

We started off this week working on Dmitri's 2018 Ford Raptor. He wanted to stand out from the rest so we hooked him up with an ADD front and rear Honeybadger bumper, 40" light bar, 2 10" led bars in the front bumper and led cube lights in he rear bumper as well as a [...]

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This Week at JDM Engineering 10/27/17

While we have been working dilligently on a 2004 Cobra build that is rounding the corner of completion, we still found time to work on Aris's 2017 Shelby GT350. We installed a Watson Racing bolt in style roll bar that does not require any welding or trimming of panels. It's an extremely high quality product with [...]

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This Week at JDM Engineering 10/20/17

We started off this week with a project we have not done before. Nathan brought back is 2016 Stealth Grey Focus RS for some major work. We had previously installed an intercooler, catch can, lowering springs, motor mount and a few other goodies on his RS a few months ago. This time he came [...]

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This Week at JDM Engineering 10/13/17

Another hectic week at JDM Engineering! We started off with strapping down Ray's Roushcharged F150 on the dyno for a custom tune. She made just shy off 400RWHP on a conservitive tune and boost level. Not bad for a 104k mile truck! Next up we finished Erik's 2017 Raptor stage 1 Whipple kit. We installed a Whipple [...]

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This Week at JDM Engineering 10/06/17

We had a Supercharged week here at JDM Engineering.We started off the week finishing up Mike's Supercharged GT350. After we replaced the throttle position sensor harness and made a few other small adjustments she was ready to hit the rollers. She made over 700 RWHP and over 523 lb/ft of Torque! She drives like a [...]

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This Week at JDM Engineering 9/29/17

Its been a hectic week at JDM Engineering but we sure got a lot accomplished! It started off with Mike's 2017 GT350 in for a 2.9L Whipple supercharger. We installed Kooks longtube headers and a high flow green catted H-pipe last week. This week we installed the new lowering motor mounts as well as the complete [...]

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Whipple 2.9L Gen3 Upgrade!

Exciting news in the Whipple 2.9 world! Whipple has just released their brand new Gen3 rotors and have seen great results. Average gains are about 30hp over the Gen2 as well as lower temperatures. It is compatible on 03/04 cobras, Raptors, 2011+ Mustangs and 2011+ F150's. It is a $200 up-charge for any new Whipple [...]

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