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2011-2020 Ford Mustang Coyote 5.0/5.2 Billet Main Rear Seal Cover. Accufab’s Coyote Rear Main Seal Cover will not leak like the competition. This Coyote Billet Mustang Rear Main Seal Cover replaces the factory rear main seal housing.The thick CNC construction helps support the rear of the block and provide a stable housing for the Coyote rear main seal. This design helps prevent leaks and increases block stability.Leak free design uses o-ring, not silicone, for sealing. Comes with new ARP bolts, Viton o-ring, and rear seal is pre-installed. Unlike our competitors rear main seal, Accufab’s Coyote rear main seal cover does not leak. 

For use with all stock and aftermarket crankshafts.

Accepts all factory crank trigger sensors.

Fits all 2011-2020 Coyote blocks, including Ford Racing blocks, and GT 350 5.2 Coyote blocks and Bear Blocks.


GENERAL INFO: The rear main seal keeps oil sealed inside the rear of the engine, where the crankshaft connects with the transmission. It can be expensive to repair, often $600 or more, because it typically involves removing the transmission and, in some cases, all or part of the engine.

Rear main seals can be made of rubber or silicone, and they can wear out because of age, the rotational forces of the crankshaft, corrosion from road salt and other environmental factors.

The traditional fix for a leaking main seal is to replace it, but because of the typically high labor cost some vehicle owners use oil additives designed to restore seals. In some cases, that can stop or slow leaks. Other drivers may switch to a heavier oil, such as 10W30 instead of 5W20. Mechanics frequently advise that when a transmission has to be removed for any reason, that’s a good time to replace the rear main seal, even if it isn’t leaking, because much of the disassembly work involved will already be done.

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