2007-2014 GT500 Super Stock Camshaft Max Performance Kit

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Are you looking to upgrade the Cams in your GT500 and don't want to worry about all the small parts needed or order the wrong components? Check out our JDM complete Super Stock Cam kit which includes everything you will need to install super stock cams in your GT500 and insure that it will function properly. Our Super Stock Cams have seen as much as a 100 HP increase and sound absolutely wicked while doing it!!!  Expect peak power to hold on past 7000 RPM in built motor applications, but offer monstrous gains even with engines using stock short blocks and rev limiters!  If you like that classic lopey muscle car sound then the Super Stock cams are for you!

When the engine is apart and undergoing the Cam install, we always recommend upgrading to the billet oil pump gears as the factory gears are a weak link that can fail under heavily load. When replacing the stock gears with a billet set we also swap out the stock pump for a new O-Ringed Unit which will help increase oil pressure. We have seen even in low mileage motors that the factory oil pump housing may have excessive scoring or internal damage from the factory gears. 

The stock cam bolts are also torque to yield so new cam bolts are always required and we upgraded to ARP Cam bolts with this package. We also include stronger spring retainers  to ensure there will be no failures. 

For reliability we have included heavy duty secondary chains that can handle anything you throw at them. As well as the billet crank gear that can handle extremely high horsepower unlike the factory gear. 

Finally when replacing all of these components, new tensioners, guides, sprockets and other miscellaneous components included in the Cam drive kit to insure that there are no hiccups or issues with the new upgrades. 

This kit is designed for the performance enthusiast that is looking for maximum horsepower and or will be racing their GT500; click here to see out 1200 Horsepower rated short blocks, and click here to see any of our superchargers designed to make big power!!!

Our Complete super stock cam kit includes:

Super Stock Cams
Valve Springs
NEW Retainers 
ARP Cam Bolts
Billet Oil Pump Gears
Shelby Oil Pump 
Billet Crank Sprocket 
Heavy Duty Secondary Chains 
Ford Cam Drive Kit 

For Higher mileage or heavily raced applications we also recommend upgrading your rocker arms and lash adjusters.

Please select options from the drop down menu.

We also recommend upgrading to ARP guide pins. The ARP guide pins will fit 2011-2014 Shelby GT500 engine blocks or 2007-2010 Shelby GT500’s that have upgraded to an Aluminum block. Requires drilling and tapping block for installation and must be done by a professional machine shop. 



**NOTE! We HIGHLY recommend verifying installed height, along with degreeing the cams on install. This job should be attempted by a seasoned and trained technician. Contact JDM Engineering Technical Department with further questions or information in regards to install.**

Tech Notes:

Intake Install Height (without valve job): 1.715"
Exhaust Install Height (without valve job): 1.575"
Spring pressure: 120 lb Closed
Install Cams @ 116* Centerline Intake and Exhaust
Classic Lumpy Hot Rod Idle Sound
Increased peak performance and power band
Will not sacrifice normal driving quality
NHRA approved for Super Stock Racing
High pressure valve springs prevent valve float
JDM Engineering Super Stock Camshafts (4)
Pac Racing high pressure valve springs(32)
Vehicle Applications:

2007—2014 Shelby GT500 Mustang 5.4L/5.8L

2010—2012 Super Cobra Jet Mustang

Additional Details

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