2007-2014 GT500 Super Stock Camshaft kit

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JDM Super Stock  2007-2014 Shelby GT500 Camshaft Upgrade Kit

Watch videos of happy customers cams below to hear our cams idle and on the dyno!


Get your GT500 idle chopping like an old school muscle car of the 60's and breathing better too with JDM’s Super Stock Camshaft kit.  These NHRA Super Stock legal cams were born on the drag strip for winning races and breaking records, but are right at home in your 2007-2014 GT500 for making big power gains without sacrificing drivability.  Depending on application, we have seen up to 100 horsepower gained from installing our camshafts.  We find these cams ideal for those looking to free up some power with a bigger blower or those with a max effort full bolt on vehicle.  A built short block is not required with these cams, but it will allow you to use them to their full potential of revving past 7000 RPM!!!  In full blown Cobra Jet race applications, we have spun this spring and cam combo past 8000 RPM!!!   These cams utilize greater lift and duration when compared with Ford OEM cams to allow for greater cylinder fill at all RPM's but keep hanging on at high RPM further than the OEM cams could ever dream of!

The most shocking aspect of these cams is how they drive cruising around if we tune them!  These bumpsticks love easy driving, and can be paired with a taller rear gear ratio such as a 3.73 or 4.10 for better stability at low speeds, but they still drive nicely with 3.31's!!!  Below is a video of a GT500 with our cams cruising around town!!!

Included in the JDM Super Stock Camshaft kit is a set of High Pressure Valve Springs which will stabilize the valve-train and prevent valve float.  Our revised PAC valve springs are a direct fit with stock retainers but Chromoly steel or Titanium retainers are available for High Performance and or Racing applications for added durability.  These camshafts require a tune which we can facilitate depending on application. Please feel free to give us a call for details and discuss putting these GT500 cams in your car today!



**NOTE! We HIGHLY recommend verifying installed height, along with degreeing the cams on install.  This job should be attempted by a trained technician or someone who is very familiar with the 4 valve modular Ford platform, as attention to detail and proper fixturing and torquing of the cam bolts is a must as is with any cam install.  Contact JDM Engineering Technical Department with further questions or information in regards to install.**

*** Requires new camshaft bolts as stock bolts are torque to yield*** Choose at check out our bolt option (OEM + $40.00 or ARP-256-1001+ $92.00)

Tech Notes:

Intake Install Height (without valve job): 1.715"
Exhaust Install Height (without valve job): 1.575"
Spring pressure: 120 lb Closed
Install Cams @ 116* Centerline (if degreeing cams in) 
Classic Lumpy Hot Rod Idle Sound
Increased peak performance and power band
Will not sacrifice normal driving quality
NHRA approved for Super Stock Racing
High pressure valve springs prevent valve float
JDM Engineering Super Stock Camshafts (4)
Pac Racing high pressure valve springs(32)
Vehicle Applications:
2007—2014 Shelby GT500 Mustang 5.4L/5.8L
2010—2012 Super Cobra Jet Mustang

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