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Compounding our already stellar calibration, we at JDM Engineering introduce our stage 1 upgrade kit.  With the addition of the Whipple cold air kit, we remove any restriction in front of the turbochargers allowing for more airflow which equals more power.  Also, due to a colder intake air temp, we see a gain in power on the initial hit and drastically reduced heat soak in subsequent pulls.  Further chilling the air charge is a Whipple Mega Cooler, which makes heat soak a thing of the past.  We include a set of Motorcraft SP-550 plugs to keep detonation at bay at all loads the vehicle may see.

Expect a modest bump in fuel economy from our upgrade kit of about 1-3 mpg, and seamless driving experience regardless of putting through a drive thru for a latte, or tearing through some terrain in the desert.  With the JDM Custom Tune included in this upgrade kit, the 10R80 Transmission is put to good use and refined to no longer hunt aggressively for a higher gear when driving gently, but there is zero hesitation when rolling into throttle offering the right gear at the right time.  Expect refinement only gained from being in the business for over 20 years at JDM Engineering.


Whipple Cold Air Kit

Whipple Mega Cooler

A set of SP-550 Spark Plugs


Here is an excerpt of a review of our tune from a Ford Raptor Forum member:


"I have run the truck stock of course, but also on a 93 race tune from 5 star. My initial impression is that this is MUCH smoother. The stock trans tuning can be a bit harsh, especially since I have an early model 2017. The 5 star tune also was pretty harsh, harsher than stock. The JDM tune is very smooth through the gears, to the point where off throttle gear changes are nearly transparent. Also, the gear selection is terrific, the gear choice throughout the RPM range and varying loads is spot on. I live in a very hilly area with 45-55mph speed limits and it can be very annoying (especially in stock tune) for the truck to lug down too much before it has to downshift multiple gears to make it up a hill, it makes it feel like the truck is struggling. Proper shifting lets it kick down a gear quicker and go up hills with ease like it should.


The tune also feels like it makes great power. This part can be a bit tricky as peaky power and harsh shifting can feel faster, where real smooth linear power can be deceiving. I haven't done any logging, but by my analog boost gauge it looks like I'm peaking out around 22 psi on flat ground in normal mode. Low end is mellow and less nervous than the 5 star, but it still has all the punch up top. The trans tuning seems to keep the RPM's close to a better RPM for torque and it really shows when you stab the throttle. I played around in sport a little bit and the boost is very responsive, it doesn't take much pedal and the truck starts to pull very hard.


One surprise would be fuel mileage. It can be tough to judge accurately with varying terrain where I live, but I was seeing around 13.5-14.5 MPG before, and I'm seeing 16+, a solid 2 MPG gain so far!!! I really find this to be a very POLISHED tune, I believe the JDM guys really put in the work to come up with a winner. I can't imagine anyone would be disappointed with the results! I plan to keep this tune on and not revert back to the 5 star."



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