2005-2010 Saleen Supercharged Mustang JDM Stage 3 Kit

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2005-2010 Saleen Supercharged Mustang Performance Parts Stage 3 Kit By JDM

Kit produces 600 HP (approximately 510 RWHP / 460 TQ)

Team JDM's stage 3 kit includes all the essential parts you need to add nearly 140 HP and improve the driveability.  Factory  Mustangs from 2005-2006 and any Mustang with a Saleen 435 supercharger kit retain the factory 24 lb/hr injectors and air box.  This is a major restriction and will not allow you to make any power with out first upgrading these.

JDM includes a set of Ford Racing 60 lb/hr fuel injectors and a JLT series 3 cold air intake to solve this issue. The 60lb injectors will support up to 700 HP at the engine and can still be tuned to get better than stock fuel economy! The JLT air intake system uses a 110mm mass air flow housing that increases the volume of air the supercharger can bring in and at the same time helps extends the range of the stock mass air sensor.  This keeps the car safe and allows you to add more boost! 

For that a 3.00" pulley with the matching gates belt and a upgraded Thump Racing Billet Tensioner is added to the kit.  The 3.00" pulley increases the boost 8psi over stock.  Each pound of boost added produces almost 10 HP and 10 lb/ft of torque!!  The extra boost however does create more heat in the cylinders so colder spark plugs are provided help limit heat and prevent detonation. 

The last portion of this kit is a vacuum line rerouting kit that allows your supercharger to close the dump valve during vacuum conditions.  Saleen has the supercharger dump valve routed to see vacuum constantly which keeps the valve open all the time.  This produces heat and lag in response time.  A length of 3/8" vacuum hose and a t fitting are fashioned to route the supercharger to a boost source.  This allows the valve to close under boost and pressurize the supercharger quicker, making the boost come quicker also keeping heat from the manifold out of the supercharger. 

With the boost level being raised so high the car is taken past the limits of the stock fuel pump.  Ford racing has designed the exact system used on the 2007-2011 Shelby Mustang GT500 for fitment in a 2005-2010 Mustang GT.  This twin fuel pump system is added to the stage 3 kit to allow more fuel delivery and safe add power to the car.

If your looking for more power please contact Team JDM about one of our 302E stroker shortblocks or complete engines!  For any further questions or assistance please contact a Team JDM staff member at our email address Tech@TeamJDM.com or call 732-780-0770 during our office hours.

** For 2008 models make sure to reference your coil pack part number when ordering to figure out which plugs you need.  Ford changed the cylinder head spark plug threads in 2008 and there are two different types of plugs available for use.

2005-2010 Saleen Supercharged Mustang Performance Parts Stage 3 Kit By JDM Includes:

  • X4 Flash Device 
  • JLT Series 3 Cold Air Intake
  • 60 Lb. Injectors
  • Vacuum Line Kit
  • Spark Plugs
  • 3.00 Upper Pulley
  • Gates Belt
  • Ford Racing GT500 Dual Pump Fuel System
  • TumpRacing Billet Tensioner (PM-1002-76 )

For any further questions or assistance please contact a Team JDM staff member at our email address Tech@TeamJDM.com or call 732-780-0770 during our office hours.


Please allow 10-15 business days for your tuner to be shipped and is subject to change due to high demand and race season.


Important parts and tuning notice:

By ordering this tune, you agree to assume all responsibility for assuring that it is to be used for off-road and/or competition use only and is not to be used on a vehicle that is registered for use on public roads nor highways. 


Because U.S., Canadian, and other international, state or provincial laws and regulations may prohibit removal or modification of components that were installed on vehicles by Ford Motor Company to meet emission requirements or to comply with motor vehicle safety regulations applicable to vehicles manufactured for use on public roads, JDM Engineering wants you to know the following: 

Most of the parts and services offered in this online catalog are for off-road use or competition use only. Use on State and Federal Highways may be a violation of the EPA Clean Air Act. The Clean Air Act can be found at 
http://www.epa.gov/air/caa/. This document contains in detail what are considered to be violations of the CAA and corresponding penalties for failure to obey and should be read in full before purchasing or installing this off-road or race use only product. Ensuring that all emissions, noise/sound, and speed/use related laws are followed is the responsibility of the Buyer(s). Installation and use of this product indicates that this disclaimer has been read, acknowledged, and understood fully by both the Buyer(s) and Installer(s). The Buyer(s) assume all associated risk of the purchase. 


Emissions Notice:


Federal and several state and provincial laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative of any part that affects emissions or safety on motor vehicles used on public streets or highways. JDM Engineering assumes no liability for any violations arising out of any federal, state or provincial emissions or safety requirements on motor vehicles arising out of the customer's modifications and/or use of our products or services. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine if their modified vehicle complies with applicable laws.


California Residents


The emissions laws and regulations of the state of California apply to all non-racing vehicles. Consequently, some parts in this catalog may legally be used in California only on a racing vehicle which will never be operated on public roads.


Additional Details

05-10 JDM Stage 3 Kit
24.00 (in)
24.00 (in)
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2 Reviews

  • 5
    2005 saleen stock no more

    Published by ecosaleen on 24th May 2014

    This took my nice driving Sunday cruiser and turned it into something Wicked! The pony car turned into a fire breathing Stallion. Thanks for the awesome tune JDM.

  • 5

    Published by Mike on 25th Apr 2013

    I purchased the stage 1 kit for a little more get up in my 08 saleen rf....wasn't too impressed with it for the price so I went all out and upgraded to the stage 3 kit. I was expecting a lot from this but this kit has gone way way above what I thought it was going to do.

    This car flat out runs now! She pulls very hard and is hard to keep my wheels to the ground which is what I was after. The traction control constantly engages bc its just a beast. There's just so much power there that it's hard not to just mash the gas everywhere I go. I haven't taken it to the track bc its my daily driver but I know for a fact it gives my 03 ported cobra a challenge. I think my saleen is now faster.:)

    Ok, now for the ratings on how my install went. Before you start get instructions on installing the Gt500 fuel pump in your car from google bc they don't come w any. These came in very handy. The belt tensioner and pulley swap were easy you just have to remove the alternator that's about the only pain. The install from start to finish took me who's familiar w tools about 6 hours. So dedicate a weekend for this just incase you run into trouble.

    The tune review
    For all the people that think the tune they give you with this kit is just one to get you by until you can get it on a dyno are WRONG!! The tune is awesome! Great throttle response, no check engine light, no problems what so ever....and the best thing of all is my highway MPG average is 25-27...that's better than what I had stock!! I know the car is pushing over 500 rwhp, so for me to get 25 mpg on the highway w that its just flat out awesome! Big reason why im giving this such a high review.

    The customer service was great as well. Thank you all from JDM on turning my car into what I wanted it to be!

    Cost for the HP you're getting 10/10
    Install difficulty 6/10
    Tune 10/10
    Fun Factor 10/10
    Starting your car and having the HP when you step on it....Priceless!

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