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Ferrea Stainless Steel Complete Valve Set (32 qty)

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Part Number: F2164P/F2165P
Weight: 15.00 LBS
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When building a new complete engine or rebuilding cylinder heads JDM Engineering only trusts Ferrea Stainless Steel Competition Valves.  This valve set includes 16 intake and 16 exhaust valves designed for factory production GT500/Ford GT Cylinder heads.  Upgrade your motor with these valves for improved flow and durability!  JDM Engineering uses these same spec valves in our Cobra Jet race engines that support 1400+ HP!!


F2164P FORD GT 5.4L - 32 VALVE (2005 - 2007) EXHAUST, STOCK SIZE 
5.4L - 32 Valves
Exhaust Valve
Head Diameter: 1.26
Stem Diameter: 0.275
Overall Length: 4.635
Tip Length: 0.39
References: 15 Deg..Flo. Super Alloy. 3 Radial Groove. Stock
F2165P FORD GT 5.4L - 32 VALVE (2005 - 2007) INTAKE, STOCK SIZE 
5.4L - 32 Valve
Intake Valve
Head Diameter: 1.455
Stem Diameter: 0.2755
Overall Length: 5.395
Tip Length: 0.455
References: 12 Deg..Flo. Super Flo. Special Alloy. 3 Radial Groove. Stock
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